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The Southern African Endourology Society is helping the NGO Company SACTWU with its efforts to do circumcision countrywide. Circumcision services are offered in in Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, and Western Cape. Our circumcision program targets men aged 14 and upwards, who are HIV-negative. 
Medical male circumcision is a cost-efficient HIV prevention strategy that has been tested extensively and is effective. Research has shown that medical male circumcision reduces male HIV sexual acquisition risk from females by up to 65%.

Medical male circumcision is the complete surgical removal of the foreskin covering the glans penis. Trained doctors and nurses perform it under local anesthesia under strict sterile conditions. The operation takes about 20 minutes. The risks are minimal and the pain after the operation is minimal.
 Pain relief medication will be given to the patient after the operation. Patients are discharged immediately after they receive their medication are scheduled for regular follow up to evaluate the healing process.

Facts to remember relating to the benefits of circumcision:

  1. Reduces the risks of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV
  2. Improves your hygiene.
  3. Does not affect the size of your penis and your sex drive.
  4. Results in moderate pain after the operation.
  5. Boys under 18 need parental consent.
  6. HIV testing is recommended but no required.
  7. The procedure and the recovery do not last long but the benefits are for life.
  8. Pain relief medication after operation is available for free
  9. Men should abstain from sex for six weeks after circumcision, until the wound heals completely. Before the wound heals, the risk of HIV infection is actually higher than normal.


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