This document serves as a guide to Laparoscopic Urological Surgery in private practice as well as in training hospitals as an initiative to support those urologists (registrars as well as urologists in private practice) who require guidance on laparoscopic surgery in private practice as well as provides possibilities of a training program in laparoscopy. These guidelines should serve to benefit not only the urologists but also the Medical Aid that may experience an increase in requests for laparoscopic urological (LU) surgeries with the added concern of more costeffective health care.

Laparoscopic urological procedures can be broadly classified into four categories depending on the organ of concern and on whether it is an organ ablative procedure or a reconstructive procedure. It can also be further diveded depending on the complexity into being a basic laparoscopic procedure or a more advanced laparoscopic procedure. This classification is of particular value when structuring a laparoscopic training program. Read more on laparoscopic training in the section titled “Laparoscopic Urological Surgery Training Program”.


List of Laparoscopic Procedures


A) Organ Ablative Surgery – Kidney

1. Renal cyst ablation   basic
2. Simple nephrectomy   basic
3. Radical nephrectomy   basic
4. Partial nephrectomy    advanced
5. Adrenalectomy   advanced
6. Nephroureterectomy                                 advanced



B) Reconstructive Laparoscopic Surgery  - Kidney

1. Nephropexy   basic
2. Ureterolithotomy  basic
3. Pyelolithotomy  advanced
4. Nephrolithotomy for staghorn calculus advanced
5. Repair of ureteral sricture  advanced
6. Pyeloplasty                                                advanced



C) Organ Ablative Surgery – Pelvis

1. Orchidectomy for intra abdominal testis  basic
2. Pelvic LND   basic
3. Partial cystectomy   basic
4. Bladder diverticulectomy advanced
5. Radical cystectomy advanced
6. Radical prostatectomy                            advanced



D) Reconstructive Laparoscopic Surgery  - Pelvis

1. Orchidopexy basic
2. Varicocelectomy   basic
3. Inguinal hernia repair   basic
4. Bladder stone removal  basic
5. VUR repair advanced
6. Sacrocolposuspension                           advanced
7. VVF repair advanced
8. Ureteroneocystostomy/Boari flap advanced